"Crowned" Thanksgiving

I dragged my Crown Graphic to yet another party - this time at a Thanksgiving Dinner, graciously supplied by our friends, who not only cooked a magnificent meal but also shared seom great wines. Somehow these large negatives are always having fun and the instant "Polaroids" I take with it (well, they are "Fujis") seem to be well received, a nicy "pary gag". It is for fun - the 4x5's are not fine art, but great make for great party snapshots (than can REALLY be enlarged), these are cartainly not portraits for any corportae wall. I considered bouncing teh flash but the wooden ceiling made for less than ideal reflector. The drect flash makes for what I dubbed the Weegee effect. Weegee (Arthur Felig, 1899-1968) was a fascinating character and news photographer, whose images are representative of photography that used so called "Press Cameras", which were mainly in use unti the 1960s', surplated by 35mm film.