Uncle Bob again

“Uncle Bob” is the proverbial wedding guest that takes pictures and often is accused of (or really does) getting in the way of the wedding photographer. As readers of this site will have noticed, I have shot a few weddings as the photographer, but recently attended weddings more in the Uncle Bob role.

Having read the complaints on web forums although never really having had my own issue with it. I try
not to get in anyone’s way while attending as a guest, and I hope I have succeeded.

Here a few images from my colleague Matt and Layne’s wedding. I took my M8, wanting to try something different. Not having either good low ISO performance (such as with the D700) or autofocus certainly is a hindrance, but I got a few nice shots.


The first dance

mattlayne 2


mattlayne 3

Father of the bride

mattlayne 1

mattlayne 5

mattlayne 4
Uncle Bob?