Crown Graphic

Christmas Party

NECA’s Christmas Party was last weekend. I continued my new tradition of bringing the Crown Graphics but also has the M8 in my bag. After 15 or so “Polaroids” (really Fuji’s Instant Film) were shot I switched to film - TMAX 400 to be exact. I had my Metz 45 CL-4 digital mounted on the Crown but tried to avoid the direct flash by bouncing it off the ceiling. Here are a select few examples, first the Crown (“quick and dirty” scans at low res):





Now some Leica Digitals:






Halloween 2009!

Alan and Jess hosted another great Halloween party (topping last years). I thought I'd don my Crown Graphic 4x5 camera as a disguise ("the evil press") and took 12 sheets of TMAX 400 (half of them in a Graflex back that apparently had a light leak!) as well as my last box of 4x5 Fuji Instant Film ("Polaroid"). The Polaroids staid at the party and with the guests but I developed the B&W's last night and did "quick and dirty scans" this morning. All but one image turned out OK. Having has a glass or two of the excellent wine provided, I unfortunately exposed the film at ISO 100 (with a Metz Flash), so I had to pull it down two stops. Contrast was enhanced digitally, a few cops, some sharpening, otherwise not much alteration. The pictures are not lways flattering, but persoanally I like the 1950 press/"Weegee" style.... let me know if you want prints!












Large Format - Gotta love it!

I recently have been doing more developing in the darkroom. I am still a newbie at it, but it is more satisfying than downloading files. Even more recently, I dusted of my Crown Graphic. This type of camera, and its cousin, the more famous Speed Graphic, are pieces art. Speed graphic is a misnomer - nothing here is fast. The camera takes pictures on sheet film, and focusing is slow, although one can use scale focusing, a rangefinder or the ground glass in the back. The Crown graphic has a shutter in the lens, the Speed also adds a focal plane shutter. These cameras, not Leicas or the like, were the standard issue of press photographers until the 1960’s. They are currently undergoing little revival, e.g. in 2004 David Burnett shot the Kerry campaign with a Speed. My camera uses a 152 mm “normal” lens (the equivalent of a ~ 45mm focal length on a 35mm camera). The lens is interchangeable, but everything (focusing scale, rangefinder) is calibrated to it so I won’t bother.

I am just starting out. My first attempt at WeeGee like pictures at a party failed - somewhat. I miscalculated the flash and the focus was off on half the shots (I since then have adjusted the rangefinder). However, when it works, results are priceless:


TMAX 400, f/16 1/100 with Metz CL-4 flash, handheld, developed in X-Tol

The film this camera uses is 4x5 inches, which is ~ 10.2 by 12.7 cm, or 12,900 square mm - 15 times larger than a standard 35mm film. This means not only incredible detail (see below, whole picture and dtail), but also that the most I can develop at one time are 6 sheets, costing each half the price of a roll of 35mm film. Certainly, I won’t come back from an event with 400 shots!