Desktop Image

December Image

This image was taken ~2 weeks ago in Buckport, ME. It was unfashionably warm (and wet), which made for some eerie mist over the Penobscot river. You can see the Penobscot Narrows Bridge(s) in the background. Shot with the Leica M8 and I believe the 21mm CV lens.

Click the image to download the larger desktop file.


Happy Birthday Blog - November Desktop Image

It has been a year since I started this blog (a little longer for the website), so flowers are in order: Happy B-Day blog!

I hope all readers have enjoyed the occasional musings and the desktop images. True to that, here is an image of flowers for this month's desktop image. Rather that the firey sky of last year's November image, this is more subdued. It was actually taken with my Leica M4 on Ektar 100, scanned, and underwent a little tweaking in Photoshop (mostly color). I used a 50mm lens wide open - the shallow depth of field is clearly visible, and yet the image is very sharp where focused, thanks to the great Leica optics.

So here is the deal: for the occasion, I feel like in a spending mood. Refer one person to my mailing list and receive a 5x7 print of your choice. Refer three and receive an 8x10. Maximum is one print per person (you won't get four 5x7 for four people, you'd get one 8x10) and you have to be already on my list... These people should obviously be willing to participate - I'd hate to get back messages telling me that I am spamming Happy. Among those who give me referals, I'll raffle off a voucher for a portraits session (provided you live locally or I'll see you soon). I am fully aware that I am not pro, so caveat emptor! The deal is on to the end of the year.




Desktop Image for October

Almost overdue.. I finally took some time to shoot some foliage. As the area around Bangor is past its peak, I travelled down the Belgrade Lake area. I'll be posting some photos soon, but probably the best suited one for a desktop is here (right click image to download):



Desktop Image for September

A trip with family and friends to Mt. Kineo on Moosehead Lake yielded a few nice frames of some Echinacea plants. I thought the vibrant colors were nice going into September so I made it a Desktop image. Shot with a Nikon D700 and 105m Nikkor-Micro.


August Desktop Image

So someone wondered where this month’s image is. It is here (click it):


Now that the weather here in Maine has changed, we all deserve a sunny image. It was taken recently at about 6 AM. My neighbors were fishing out on the lake, adding an interesting element to the golden light.

July Desktop Image

Here is this month’s image. As the theme this month and last was “rain”, I think it fits the mood. Early morning fog.... Happy

Click on the image...

Desktop Image for June

This months desktop image comes from the Netherlands. We were heading back from Leiden to Amsterdam the other night on a train at dusk (which was around 10 PM, much later than we are used to). The “nether” lands are flat, as the name suggests. Fields are transected by roads, lined with trees, which is what you see here. The image was taken with a Leica D-LUX 4, f/2.8, 1/125, ISO 200.


May Desktop Image

One advantage (maybe the only one) of being called out in the middle of the night is returning home to an early sunrise. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw the sky light up pink. I ran inside and grabbed my Nikon D700 and a tripod. This months desktop image was taken around 5:15 AM - it actually does not do the colors justice (maybe some film like Velvia would have been better). Click on the image to download.


For the more dramatic, here is a version in Black and White (with a digital red filter applied)


March and April Desktop Images

It has been 2 months since the last post, partly because I did not take a lot of photos that would be good “desktop” images, partly because much was going on otherwise. So hereby I give you two images Desktop for March


Desktop for April


Voilá and pardon my tardiness. Extra points: what is this? BMS

February Desktop Image

OK, folks, here is the desktop image for February. This is taken with a Nikkor Micro AF 105mm lens, which is capable of 1:1 magnification. This is a droplet that just bounced off the surface of water. I used flash, exposure is at 1/2000th of a second, f/5.6 (Nikon’s creative lighting system has a trick to “sync” the flash at such high shutter speeds). The reflections you see at the right and upper edge were not indented, but I think they add to the picture.


You can download it here (1440x900 pixels). Here is another shot:


Holiday Hiatus

Those if you who thought this will be another dead blog...there! Here is my entry for the new year. Happy New Year, belated, to everyone! The holidays have been busy and I have had a few things happen on the photo-front. First, a new addition to my stable, the Leica D-Lux 4, bought on a trip to New York, as “my old lady”, which should have come with me , unfortunately had her Rangefinder adjusted. The D-Lux is a little gem with superb image quality (for a point and shoot), and it shoots RAW images, which was important to me and limited my choice in camera. I took it to the city for some street photography (something I have to get used to, and any P&S will not be ideal for that). Here are a few examples:
City Island, New York

Grand Central, New York Now mind you, any P&S is not going to get good quality images beyond ISO 200 or ISO 400, but noise levels are very very good at ISO 80 or 100, as seen here:

JFK, Terminal 3, NY at ISO 80
And the same image “pushed” 5 stops in Photoshop (mind you these are JPGs):



Welcome to my blog. You have caught it being born! As a reward, feel free to download the first of my free desktop images (please note that it is for personal use only). You can download it by clicking here.