A while back, I went on the auction site (aka feebay) and paid a few dollars for a Nikon PB-5 bellows. Basically, while dedicated Macro lenses (such as the Nikkor 105 mm Macro) let you take ‘life size’ pictures (1:1 ration of the real and virtual picture), a bellows extension lets you blow it up even further. In my case about 4:1, i.e. a 1/4 inch in the real world projects as one inch on the sensor/film, making for some really blow up shots. This is the way I took a picture of the seashell a few posts below, here are some more examples. It is fun, but cumbersome, as you have to focus well - even at small apertures the DOF is shallow, refraction becomes a problem and the object sits right in front of the lens, making lightening challenging. These were taken with an old 55mm Nikkor f3.5 mounted and the bellows almost fully extended.


Fern Spores

A Penny


February Desktop Image

OK, folks, here is the desktop image for February. This is taken with a Nikkor Micro AF 105mm lens, which is capable of 1:1 magnification. This is a droplet that just bounced off the surface of water. I used flash, exposure is at 1/2000th of a second, f/5.6 (Nikon’s creative lighting system has a trick to “sync” the flash at such high shutter speeds). The reflections you see at the right and upper edge were not indented, but I think they add to the picture.


You can download it here (1440x900 pixels). Here is another shot: