Senior Little League

For quite a few years now, Bangor has hosted the Senior Little League Worldseries. I went for the first time, attending the finals (Texas vs California). Texas won, 9 to 7, and everyone had fun, including the winners as seen below. I took my Nikon and 70-300VR lens, mostly set at Shutter priority. Here are a few examples. I do not shoot much action, so it was a learning experience - I certainly appreciated the cameras fast autofocus and tracking, which worked very well.
















Senior Pictures

Last weekend I had the honor of doing a photo shoot with a handsome young man for his Senior Pictures. We shot in Grotto Cascade park, just before sundown. He had brought his Cello and played some, too. His mother was in my employ, holding backgrounds and reflectors.






Bucksport Fireworks

I am glad that my assistant Kelly pointed out to me that Bucksport, ME, would have fireworks as a finale to their street festival on July 25th. So I packed up tripod, my Nikon and a few lenses (14-24mm, 35-70mm, 70--300mm VR) and set off. Even before the show started there were some nice shots to be had. The crescent moon was setting (you’ll see it in some of the fireworks images, too), and I captured it and the last colors of the day to over the hills to the North West.

Then the show started, enjoy some of the keepers. Note to self: steady wind and soft grass make long exposures a little shaky, but the tripod up on something solid next time!


It had been foggy all night, which made for a nice finish: the Verona Island bridge in the fog, the clouds are lit by lights coming from town.


On my way back to the car, I came by this house, which was obviously abandoned. Does anybody else think of “Psycho”? An opportunity to play with the 14-24mm lens at the widest setting! It was lit by a single street lamp. The lamp was a sodium vapor lamp, which makes everything look deep yellow. Kudos to the software, which corrected the white balance on the RAW image quite nicely. One more reason not to shoot JPEG images.


July Desktop Image

Here is this month’s image. As the theme this month and last was “rain”, I think it fits the mood. Early morning fog.... Happy

Click on the image...

Bangor High School Dance

Back in March, I had the opportunity to see some stellar performances by the Bangor High School Students and their teachers. They truly did a magnificent job and I though I’d share some impressions. I was too far away for a Flash (which was not allowed anyway), so I had to rely on my Nikon’s high ISO performance, which did not disappoint.







Getting Ready For X-mas?

Everyone is getting ready for X-mas, this includes photographs. I had been asked to shoot festive pictures of the children of a co-worker. So I grabbed my Nikon gear, including a recent find, a Nikkor 105mm AI-S f/2.5, which did not disappoint. It also gave me an opportunity to field test my “portable studio” setup (strobes, background etc). How did it go? Well, see for yourselves.





Leica, my first steps

The newest addition to my stall, a 1969 Leica M4, as not seen much use yet. Hard to call something “new” that is older than I am. I am not very “retro”, but taking images with a camera that has no battery in this day and age is fascinating. Also, when you have to develop the film yourself (or invest quite a bit of money and time up here in Maine to have it done for you), you want to make each frame count. Funny how it suddenly takes a while to shoot 36 pictures, when before you could do that in 5 seconds with a DSLR. The Leica itself is a dream of mechanical perfection. Can you imagine your Point and Shoot still working after 40 years? I am not sure that a buy the “glow” people have described (such as here), but I find the images very pleasing.... This is just playing around, but I thought I’d share a few examples.

Alan Leica M4, TMAX 400 pushed to 1600

Matt Leica M4, TMAX 400 pushed to 1600

The Cat Leica M4, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400

First Snow in Maine Leica M4, TMAX 400 pushed to 1600


Grey November Days

This weekend was interesting. The temperatures were in the 60’s (in November!). I am pretty sure the outdoor thermometer read 61ºF, which for Orono, ME would more that the record of 58ºF, according to , set in 1958. Also, for a moment there, I thought I had lost color vision. The scenery around Lake Pushaw literally had no color at all. Below I post an image -- this in an RGB color space (the Black and White conversion follows). Admittedly there aren’t a lot of colors to see, but even boosting them in Photoshop did no yield any more.