November Portraits, Part 2

Another session, this time more family, less kids (at least young ones), but well beahved 2 dogs (and a few cats that were not really into photography). I also took 4x5 in black and white and color. Here is an example of a B&W, it is Trix 320 developed in HC-110B.


"Crowned" Thanksgiving

I dragged my Crown Graphic to yet another party - this time at a Thanksgiving Dinner, graciously supplied by our friends, who not only cooked a magnificent meal but also shared seom great wines. Somehow these large negatives are always having fun and the instant "Polaroids" I take with it (well, they are "Fujis") seem to be well received, a nicy "pary gag". It is for fun - the 4x5's are not fine art, but great make for great party snapshots (than can REALLY be enlarged), these are cartainly not portraits for any corportae wall. I considered bouncing teh flash but the wooden ceiling made for less than ideal reflector. The drect flash makes for what I dubbed the Weegee effect. Weegee (Arthur Felig, 1899-1968) was a fascinating character and news photographer, whose images are representative of photography that used so called "Press Cameras", which were mainly in use unti the 1960s', surplated by 35mm film.





November Portraits, part 1

Kelly and her family were gracious and let me take portraits - and let me practice my patients taking pictures of toddlers and small children, which were very gorgeous but not always too happy to be in front of a camera! Here a few examples, shot with a Nikon D700 nd a 35-70 or 105 f2.5 lens.




Getting Ready For X-mas?

Everyone is getting ready for X-mas, this includes photographs. I had been asked to shoot festive pictures of the children of a co-worker. So I grabbed my Nikon gear, including a recent find, a Nikkor 105mm AI-S f/2.5, which did not disappoint. It also gave me an opportunity to field test my “portable studio” setup (strobes, background etc). How did it go? Well, see for yourselves.