More Wedding Fun

I seem to be going to a lof of weddings this year. For this one I dragged along my M8 with a few lenses. The official photographer was nice to lend me one of his flashes during the evening, as the high ISO performance of my camera is somewhat dismal beyond ISO 320. Here are a few shots I’d like to share









Uncle Bob again

“Uncle Bob” is the proverbial wedding guest that takes pictures and often is accused of (or really does) getting in the way of the wedding photographer. As readers of this site will have noticed, I have shot a few weddings as the photographer, but recently attended weddings more in the Uncle Bob role.

Having read the complaints on web forums although never really having had my own issue with it. I try
not to get in anyone’s way while attending as a guest, and I hope I have succeeded.

Here a few images from my colleague Matt and Layne’s wedding. I took my M8, wanting to try something different. Not having either good low ISO performance (such as with the D700) or autofocus certainly is a hindrance, but I got a few nice shots.


The first dance

mattlayne 2


mattlayne 3

Father of the bride

mattlayne 1

mattlayne 5

mattlayne 4
Uncle Bob?


A Wedding - as a guest

My dear friends Dirk and Ling had their church wedding in Germany. Professional wedding photographers often lament the presence of “Uncle Bob”, snapping away pictures with his own camera right in front of the pro. Having been the photographer at the most recent wedding, this time I took the opportunity to relax and bring a film camera along (Mamiya 7) for some more “contemplative” shots, and tried to not get in the way (not sure if I succeeded at that.....) Unfortunately, there were some problems with development with the black and white (TMAX 400) as well as a light leak on the most crucial roll of film (shot on Ektar 100, a film I truly like). Alas, I am still such a bloody film amateur. I pushed the TMAX to 1600 (two stops), it is amazing how little grain there is, despite using TMAX developer, which produced more grain than some other developers. Anyway, here are some samples.


This was shot in color, but I combined two scanned images and could not get the whites to match, so I “saved” it by converting to black and white.


This was also a color image, from the roll with the light leak. I was trying to change a roll quickly (the Mamiya only gives you 10 shots) and must not have wrapped the roll tightly. I tried to salvage this image, which was the only half usable one.



The church with white walls, and quite a lot of natural light, posed some problems for dynamic range, which the TMAX mastered quite well. I do not know how a DSLR would have done (I am yet to see the pro photographers pictures, which he shot with a high end Canon).

European Journey

We have just returned from a trip to Europe, visiting Amsterdam, Leiden in the Netherlands and Aachen and Berlin in Germany. It made for some good street photography. After much thought, I travelled with my Leica M4 and the D-LUX 4 (small compact digital camera). For the wedding, I carried my Mamiya 7 rangefinder, as I was not the photographer but just a guest. I have not developed any film yet, but here a few examples of the D-LUX 4. The more I use it, the more I like the little bugger.
Berlin (Mitte)

Backstreet in Amsterdam

Government Quarter, Berlin

Government Quarter, Berlin


Another Wedding

Just a few examples from Morgan and Bill’s Wedding