Digital Leica

July is almost gone, so I am overdue for the monthly image. After I took the Leica M4 on vacation, I have grown fond of the rangefinder system. The new “stallion” in my stable is the Leica M8 - the only commercially available digital rangefinder (together with it’s upgrade, the Leica M8.2). Much has been written about this camera -- yes, the concept is 3 years old, and its low light performance is less than stellar, but it truly delivers some of the sharpest digital images I have ever seen. Usually, digital images look fuzzy when blow up, the reason is that the camera have an “anti aliasing” filter -- which has been left out with the M8. Images are sharper, with the expense of some other artifacts which are hardly ever visible in real life. This also make the camera infra red sensitive, an effect that can be used creatively (but makes for some ugly magenta casts under certain conditions). In any case, I am smitten. Here are some examples.

Regular color (neutral tone)

Panchromatic black and white conversion

Infrared with a Hoya R72 filter

Notice the sharpness of the flower and the typical rendering of the out of focus area ( called “Bokeh” ).

website0709 Another infrared picture